Has Xiaomi designed the first foldable smartphone that actually looks good?

Xiaomi folding smartphone
Source: @evleaks

2018 was undoubtedly the year of the notch, whether that’s a good or bad thing is up to you. This year however might just be the year of the foldable smartphone, which is much more exciting if you ask me. In a video leaked by Evan Blass, is what appears to be Xiaomi’s first attempt at a foldable smartphone.

The video shows a device which goes from tablet to a (chunky) smartphone within seconds. Much like Samsung’s (unreleased) foldable smartphone, the actual screen itself is folding. Different to Samsung though is that Xiaomi’s folding smartphone folds twice, as supposed to once. This will allow for much more screen real estate when fully unfolded, though this may make the device thicker by doing so.

It’s especially worth noting just how slim those bezels are. Well, comparatively speaking anyway. Given the low quality of the video, they’re pretty hard to make out. However, if you increase the exposure, you can get a pretty good idea of their rough size. They appear to be slimmer than those found on similar foldable smartphones seen so far.

Xiaomi Foldable Smartphone
Increased exposure

Also worth noting is that this Xiaomi folding smartphone doesn’t appear to have one bezel larger than the others. This is unlike the Royole FlexPai or Samsung’s ‘Galaxy F’. Both of which have one part of the bezel thicker than the rest. Though you do have to give the Royole FlexPai credit as it is an actual product that you can pre-order right now.

As Evan Blass states himself, the authenticity of this video is questionable. In typical leak style, it’s hard to make out the supposed Xiaomi folding smartphone. That being said, however, this device appears to be running custom software designed specifically a foldable device. Something which is very difficult to fake, especially in a video.

The person in the video appears to open Google Maps, which then automatically adjusts to fit the display when the device is folded. This alone doesn’t prove that the video is real, though it does make this leak just that much more convincing.

Fake or not, 2019 is set to bring us a host of new and exciting foldable smartphones. Samsung, Huawei and Lenovo we know are all working on a foldable smartphone of there own, so it’s just a matter of time before they start hitting shelves.