WhatsApp has made its own Emoji and they look almost identical to Apple’s

WhatsApp Emoji
Image source: Emojipedia/WhatsApp

The popular online messaging app, WhatsApp, has decided it’s time to stop using Apple’s emojis and instead make their own. I say ‘make their own’ in a very loose sense, because the new WhatsApp emoji look almost identical to Apple’s.

This new change from WhatsApp has not been rolled out globally as of yet, for now, these new emojis are only on the beta version of WhatsApp for Android. We will most likely be seeing these new WhatsApp emoji on all versions of the app within the next couple of months.

It’s not unusual for a manufacturer or an app to use their own emoji designs. Samsung has their own emojis for their smartphones and Facebook Messenger also has its own emoji design as well. What makes the WhatsApp emoji particularly interesting, however, is how much they resemble Apple’s emoji. Currently, WhatsApp uses Apple’s emojis across all versions of its app and users are happy with this. Apple’s emojis are by far the most popular in terms of their designs when compared to Google’s and Samsung’s emoji.

Which Emojis have changed?

WhatsApp Emoji
Image source: Emojipedia

Well, technically all of them have. But almost all of them look the same as the ones found on the iPhone. Most of the WhatsApp emojis now just have slightly different shading and colour variations compared to Apple’s. A few notable exceptions include a now orange water pistol, the frying egg now is double-yolked and the ghost emoji’s eyes are now even in size.

Why would WhatsApp do this?

I can’t see any convincing reason behind this change. It’s possible that Facebook (who own WhatsApp) want to unify emojis across all of its apps in the future. Currently, Facebook and FB Messenger use their own unique emojis. Maybe Facebook is making the change on WhatsApp first and we will see these ‘new’ Apple inspired emojis on Facebook and Facebook Messenger down the line? If you’re going to unify your emojis across all apps, you have to start somewhere, right? But then again, why wouldn’t Facebook just use the emojis they already use on Facebook and Messenger, for WhatsApp? Why start all over again?

At this point, nobody knows. Apple’s emojis have worked well and have proved popular among WhatsApp users. Simply put, the change to unique WhatsApp emoji bemuses me.

Source: Emojipedia