Soulja Boy’s latest console is a blatant PS Vita knock off

SouljaGame Handheld

Less than a month after Soulja Boy’s first foray into selling games consoles, he’s back with another effort, the SouljaGame Handheld.

The SouljaGame Console and SouljaGame Handheld were two games consoles that ran emulated software. They emulated games from big names in the industry such as Nintendo and PlayStation. DeAndre Cortez Way (known as Soulja Boy) sold these consoles via his website,, using the process of dropshipping. Since then, presumably due to potential legal action by the aforementioned game developers, Soulja has ceased to sell the consoles.

That is until now. The latest games console that Soulja Boy is selling is none other than a PlayStation Vita clone. In terms of shape, size and button layout it’s almost identical to the PS Vita. Except, the new SouljaGame HandHeld (not to be confused with the SouljaGame HandHeld he was forced to stop selling) will run emulated games. As supposed to actual PS Vita titles.

It looks as though Soulja Boy didn’t learn his lesson from the first time around.

Unsurprisingly, the console itself looks pretty naff. For starters, it features a non-touchscreen 4.3 inch 480 by 272 resolution display. Soulja Boy’s website claims that it is a ‘HD’ display, but I beg to differ.

It has 8GB of inbuilt storage and is built entirely out of plastic. Although in fairness, the original PS Vita came with less storage and also had a plastic construction. Then again, despite failing miserably, the PS Vita was a very capable portable console.

What games can the SouljaGame HandHeld play?

Now, this is possibly the most interesting part. The SouljaWatch website lists no information whatsoever about the games that the SouljaGame Handheld can actually play. Most Chinese knock-off consoles (which this is) run emulated games. Games in which they almost never have the licences for. Unboxings and reviews of this console have popped up online confirming that unlicensed games such as Super Mario, Crash Bandicoot and Street Fighter are all present on the SouljaGame Handheld.

Though do bear in mind, the emulation on these types of knock-off devices tends to be fairly poor. It would be unrealistic to expect any better from the SouljaGame HandHeld.

How much does the SouljaGame HandHeld cost?

Soulja Boy, being the generous man he is, currently has the SouljaGame HandHeld on sale for just under half price. Hooray! Except for the fact that it still costs $99 – down from $200 supposedly.

It gets even worse when you find out how much it costs Soulja Boy to buy each unit. Having done some research, I found similar models (if not the same) on AliExpress – a very popular website for dropshipping.

The SouljaGame HandHeld costs just $38.64 on AliExpress

This means that Soulja Boy, who is presumably already very well off, makes a tasty $60.36 profit per console sold. However, it goes up to a whopping $160.37 profit when not on ‘sale’ on his website.

It seems only a matter of time before Soulja Boy is threatened (possibly for the second time) by legal action, from the companies that actually make the games on the console.


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