Sandisk’s new microSD card is perfect for smartphones or GoPros

Sandisk Microsd 400gb
Source: SanDisk

Storage has advanced significantly over the past few decades, with companies such as SanDisk really pushing the technology forwards. But why do we constantly need more storage? Well, take a look at your smartphone for example. New smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S8 or LG V30 are capable of recording 4k video. And for those unaware, 4k video is super high resolution which requires a lot of storage. For reference, one minute of 4K video is 375MB and for further reference, 375MB is close to 50 times the size of your old PlayStation 2 memory card!

Not to mention all of apps, games and music that also take up plenty of storage on your smartphone. Anyway, you get the point, we need as much storage as we can get at this point.

This year at IFA, SanDisk released the largest microSD card… ever. The new SanDisk Ultra microSDXC UHS-I card is 400GB in capacity – 125GB larger than the previous largest. And because we’re talking about a MicroSD card and not a regular full sized one, it has the same form factor as any other microSD card. This allows it to fit in smartphones, GoPros and even the Nintendo Switch.

As far specifications go, SanDisk says that this card can store up to 40 hours of 1080p footage and has data transfer speeds of 100mb per second. Although not officially stated, you will most likely be able to store around 15 hours of 4K video. It also meets the A1 App Performance Class specification – this essentially means that smartphone applications stored on the card will launch quicker. This is all great, but what’s the cost? It’s certainly not cheap at $250, but you won’t find any other microSD cards on the market with a colosal 400 GB of storage.