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Oculus has announced a new standalone VR headset, the Oculus Go

Oculus Go
Oculus Go

The Oculus Go is a brand new standalone VR headset that will start shipping in 2018. Priced at just $199, the Go will be one of the most affordable standalone VR headsets on the market. Its price is just $70 more than Oculus’s current cheapest offering, the Gear VR, and it’s much cheaper than the recently reduced $399 Oculus Rift.

VR has always been too expensive for most consumers to buy into. The Oculus Rift and HTC Vive for example, two of the best VR headsets available, are both pretty expensive. Plus, having a powerful computer is mandatory for either headset to work. Alternatively, the cheaper VR headsets that are already on the market simply aren’t very good or require a high-end smartphone.

Let’s talk about the Oculus Go. It’s a standalone VR headset, this means that you don’t need to tether it to a PC or use your mobile phone for it to work. Simply put the Oculus Go on your head and use the included remote to navigate through menus and apps.

The Oculus Go won’t, however, have the same advanced tracking ability as the Oculus Rift. That’s probably where most of the savings were made in order to achieve the $199 price point. The tracking will be similar to that of the Gear VR, and that’s not a bad thing. Because the Go doesn’t have a powerful computer doing most of the work or the additional sensors that the Rift uses, resource-intensive advanced tracking simply isn’t possible.

The headset itself has a 2560x1440p LCD display and it also features built-in speakers for spatial listening. Oculus does say that there is also a 3.5mm headphone jack for headphones. The design is very reminiscent of that of the Oculus Rift, with it’s clean and rather understated look. The most noticeable difference being the new colour; white instead of Black this time around.

So far the Oculus Go is looking very promising. Good screen, lightweight design, and an affordable price point make it all sound too good to be true.

The Oculus Go will have plenty of apps at launch

It doesn’t stop there, however. There’s no point having a quality VR headset if there are no apps available. All apps designed for the Gear VR will also be compatible with the Oculus Go. The Gear VR has already been around for a few years now, so developers have had plenty of time to design and refine their apps. A quality app selection is something that will help the Oculus Go not only compete with but stand above other comparable headsets on the market.

The Oculus Go will undoubtedly help bring VR to the masses and not just something for enthusiasts. I really do think that the Oculus Go will be the breakthrough that VR needs. The one that thing held VR back for so long was its high price, and the Oculus Go aims to tackle just that.

Source: Facebook Newsroom