Is this the worlds biggest Macbook?

Have you ever watched Netflix and thought, I just wish I had a bigger screen to watch this on? Well fret no more, as Apple has innovated and pionerd something that is truely breathtaking…

… Just kidding.

DNA Chicago uploaded a video onto YouTube yesterday which shows an Apple logo being placed onto the Roof of an Apple store in Chicago – which is currently still being built.

You wouldn’t normally think much of an Apple logo being on an Apple store, it makes sense, right? Apple stores have Apple logos. Simple. However, what makes this one particulaly interesting, is the combination of the roof’s design and the size/position of the logo, make it look just like a Macbook. Except 1000 times bigger!

Something that’s a little strange however, is that the logo was actually removed an hour later. It certainly didn’t look like the people who put it on there, shouldn’t have. They were all wearing safety helmets and looked very proffesional. They looked as though they were taking their time to position it just right. Also, the Apple logo to roof ratio looks similar to that of a Macbook. Therefore indicated that this looks like something that has been thought through.

My Theory

Here’s what I think happened. Apple will be installing an illuminous Apple logo on the roof of their new Chicago store. What they did with the logo today was a mear test to check the size, proportions and position of the logo before they install the real thing. Maybe they used a drone to take an ariel picture to see roughly what it will look like? And that could be why it was only on the roof for an hour, they put in on, took the picture with the drone and when finished, just removed it. Anyway, that’s just my theory…

Source: DNAinfo Chicago

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