iPhone X Announced, Top 5 Features, Release Date and Price

iPhone X
Image Source: Apple

Apple has just unveiled the iPhone X and it is the best (and most expensive) iPhone to date. It has a stunning new Super Retina Display, improved cameras, new design and much more. Let’s go over the best that the iPhone X has to offer.

5) Camera and Portrait lighting

iPhone X camera
Image Source: Apple

The camera’s in the iPhone X have been much improved over the iPhone 7. The iPhone X’s camera is now faster, has a depth-sensing technology for a new portrait lighting mode and both the Wide angle and telephoto lenses are now optically stabilised. The front facing camera is still 7MP but now supports both portrait and portrait lighting modes as well as a new animoji feature which allows you to animate Emojis with your face.

Portrait lighting is the feature that really caught my attention, however. The ability to add effects and filters to photos is nothing new; take a look on the App Store and you’ll see hundreds of apps designed for this purpose. However, Portrait Lighting is something completely fresh. It’s an evolution from the Portrait mode that we saw on the iPhone 7 Plus, except this adds lighting to your images. You now have the ability to add different light sources and effects to your portrait images both in real time and after the photo has been taken. The iPhone X analyses your face with great precision; looking at the contours of your face, the current lighting and many more aspects in order to add this super realistic lighting.

4) Face ID

The iPhone X has removed the iPhone’s trademark home button which in turn means Touch ID is no longer present. In its place, Apple has introduced Face ID. It works by using a new TrueDepth camera to analyse your face with great precision. It then uses this data to create a depth map of your face which in then can use to unlock your iPhone X. Much like Touch ID, Face ID also works as a method to authenticate Apple Pay and also can be used with third party applications.

Unlocking your iPhone is now as simple as tapping the screen or raising your iPhone X and just looking at the display. It will recognise you at different angles and even in dark lighting situations, just as long as you’re focusing on the screen. If you’re looking away it will not work. And for those concerned, Apple has made sure that Face ID will not work using a picture of you or even fake mask. The iPhone X also uses machine learning in order to allow Face ID to recognise your face if you put on glasses, a hat or even grow a beard.

3) Power

The iPhone X is super powerful with its brand new A11 Bionic Chip. There are a total of 6 cores consisting of 4 efficiency and 2 performance cores. According to Apple, the 4 efficiency cores are up to 70 faster than Apple’s A10 Fusion chip from last year and the 2 performance cores are up to 25% faster.

The A11 Bionic Chip has a neural engine built right into it which is a first for a smartphone. The Neural Engine is used to process the data from your face when using Face ID or Portrait Lighting. Apple claims it can perform up to 600 Billion actions per second. I don’t know how to test this, but I guess I’ll just have to take their word for it!

The iPhone X also has an improved 3 core GPU which is up to 30% faster than Apple’s A10 Fusion chip. This will improve the smoothness of animations and also gaming performance on the iPhone X.

2) Design and hardware

Apple has once created a smartphone that looks both professional and beautiful. The iPhone X has a glass back instead of metal and this allows for new wireless charging. The glass on the back is met with a polished stainless steel frame that wraps around the entire device only stopping for the necessary plastic antenna lines. Both the glass on the front and the back of the iPhone X is said to be the most durable ever on a smartphone which is quite a statement to make. This I am sure will be put to the test by YouTuber’s across the globe.

Inside, the iPhone X packs a battery capable of lasting 2 hours longer than the iPhone 7’s battery. It also now supports quick charging which will allow the iPhone to charge up to 50% in just 30 minutes.

On top of that, you’ve now got improved stereo speakers that are up to 25% louder than those found on the iPhone 7. They also have punchier base which is a nice bonus.

Oh, and the iPhone X still has the same IP67 dust and water resistance that was present on the iPhone 7.

1) iPhone X Display

iPhone X Display
Image Source: Apple

The display on the iPhone X is undoubtedly the best screen ever on an iPhone. Apple’s calling it the Super Retina Display. It’s a 5.8 inch OLED 2436-by-1125-pixel display (458 ppi). The display also supports High Dynamic Range (HDR) which allows for incredibly deep blacks and super punchy, vibrant colours. Apple says that it is the most colour accurate smartphone display on the market.

It takes up almost the entire front of the device and curves evenly around each corner of the device. There’s a slim and even bezel all the way around the display until you get to the top where you’ll find a cut out for all of the sensors and the front facing camera. The iPhone X is the closest mobile phone yet to being all screen and no bezel.

It truly is a breathtakingly beautiful display.

iPhone 8 Price and Release Date

All of these features do not come cheap; the iPhone 8 will cost $999 in the US and the UK price is £999. That’s for the 64GB model, if you opt for the 256GB variant it will cost you a colossal $1149 / £1149. Both storage configurations are available in Space Gray or Silver and will be available to order on October 27th and shipping November 3rd.