iPhone 7 Pro Leaked – Working!

Twitter user @The_Maligant has posted pictures of what is supposedly the ‘iPhone 7 Pro’. We’ve seen many iPhone leaks in recent weeks, but what makes this one interesting is two things.

For starters it’s blue, there were rumors of a blue iPhone a couple of months back but they died down pretty quickly.

Secondly, @The_Maligant claims that the ‘iPhone 7 Pro Prototype’ pictured, is in fact ‘working’.
Albeit these could be legitimate photos of the ‘iPhone 7 Pro’. But probably not; recent rumors suggest that Apple will release a ‘Plus’ model and not a ‘Pro’ model.

Also, these images could easily of been photoshopped. Everyone and their mother seems to have an ‘iPhone 7’ shell at the moment, @The_maligant could easily have got one and changed it’s colour in photoshop. I’m not saying that this is what they did, I’m just suggesting that it’s possible.

Check out some of the first leaked photos of the iPhone 7 Plus here!

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