iPhone 7 Leaks – Dual Lens Camera Confirmed?

Earlier this year it seemed as though the idea of a dual lens camera setup for the iPhone 7 had been ditched. This was due to dual lens camera technology being supposedly ‘immature’, which in many ways is absolutely correct. It’s only really in recent years that dual lens cameras are starting to appear in the market. The first major smartphone to have to lenses was the HTC One m8 from 2014.

The leaks suggest that only the 5.5 inch ‘Plus’ variant of the iPhone 7 will have dual camera lenses and the 4.7 inch version will stick to your typical single lens setup. This is more than likely to do with the small form factor of the 4.7 inch iPhone; phones that have dual lens cameras typically have screens larger than 5 inch’s. This is due to the internal space of the phone required to house the dual lens setup. What benefits the dual lens setup will bring is still uncertain, possibly an additional wider angle lens or a monochrome sensor for better contrast images – as seen on the Huawei P9.

The non plus variant of the iPhone 7 should also see a decent camera upgrade despite not getting the dual lenses. From the leaked images the sensor seems to be much larger than the camera on the iPhone 6s. This could mean a higher megapixel count and a larger aperture. A larger aperture allows the camera to collect more light when taking a shot; this makes for much better pictures in low light environments.

Obviously these images are just leaks so take what I’ve said with a grain of salt. These images could be fake for all we know. Because it’s so close to the iPhone 7’s release in September, its unlikely that Apple will make any major changes to the 7’s design between now and then. This means that if these leaked images aren’t fake, its very likely that we’ll see a dual lens camera on the iPhone 7 Plus.


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