iPhone 7 Leaked in Video!

We now have another leak which confirms a lot of what we already no about the iPhone 7. This video shows the ‘iPhone 7’ along side the iPhone 6s!

The key differences seen in this video are the removal of some of the antenna lines on the back, a larger camera and no headphone jack. We knew all of this already, but to see it in a side by side comparison video all but confirms the rumors.

Seeing the 7 and the 6s next to each other side by side really emphasizes the fact that the iPhone 7 wont be hugely different to the 6s. Analysts have reported that major changes will come to the iPhone in 2017, we’ll have to wait an see. Don’t panic though, rumors also suggest that the iPhone 7 plus / iPhone pro may be receiving the majority of the updates. For example, a dual lens camera and a smart connector among other changes.

We’ll keep you up to date on all things iPhone 7! Click here to view previously leaked photos of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus!


Source: TechRadar

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