I love iOS 11 – even though it removed one of my favourite features

iOS 11 opinion

Every year Apple updates iOS, the operating system found your iPhone and iPad. This year is no exception; today Apple released iOS 11 to the public and it’s available to install right now.

Overall, iOS 11 is a superb update and I do really like it. There are many refinements built into the updated OS that make it a pleasure to use. The new control center, for example, is vastly superior to the old version found in iOS 10. The new control center actually allows you to customise it, meaning you can add or remove toggles as you choose. The ability to edit screenshots straight after you capture them is also a simple and yet incredibly useful feature.

iOS 11 Control Center
iOS 11 Control Center

I could go on for days about how much I like iOS 11

It has a tonne of new features including new animations, a new files app, drag and drop functionality (iPad), improved multitasking (iPad), improved Live Photos that you can now loop and so much more. Oh, and they re-introduced the classic Earth wallpaper from earlier iPhones. That alone I think is pretty awesome…

iOS 11 has also seen a pretty major design overhaul. Some changes are subtle but they still help to make iOS look more streamlined and unified. Most of Apple’s inbuilt apps now use a large bold text at the top of each app. It’s not a big change but it helps you keep track of where you are in the OS. Other visual changes include updated app icons, new signal and battery indicators and new icons used in Apple’s own apps such as the Phone app, Photos, and Safari etc…

iOS 11 has a much improved App Store

The App store has also been updated for the better. Until now, both the App Store and Google Play store was fairly on par in terms of look, feel and functionality. In iOS 11 Apple has completely redesigned the aging App store. You now have divided sections for Games and Apps which sounds minor but really helps to keep the App store looking clean and makes finding new applications a breeze.

The real highlight of the App Store, however, has to be the Today view. This new section shows you an App and Game of the Day as well as offering a look into some behind the scenes of app development. Collections and Our Favourites are also present here and these are a nice edition. An example of a Collection could be a Shopping collection – this would list a bunch of shopping apps that are well reviewed and that Apple thinks you would like. This is another feature built into the App store that helps you to find and explore all sorts of different and new applications.

Prior to iOS 11 I only really ventured into the app store to install apps that I’d heard about through friends or social media. It may be too soon to tell, but I have a feeling iOS 11 will change that. The App Store in iOS 11 makes it so much easier to discover new apps and games and makes the process of choosing a new app more fun and intuitive. This is the first time that I’ve actually had fun just downloading apps, let alone using them.

What I dislike about iOS 11

iOS 11 Multitasking
iOS 11 Multitasking

It’s not all sunshine and roses, however (even though it very almost was). iOS 11 removed a feature that I used several times every single day. I understand that I may be in the minority here, but that doesn’t lessen my frustration. The iPhone 6s’s standout feature was almost certainly its 3D Touch functionality. 3D Touch allows your iPhone’s display to detect how much pressure you’re putting on it with your finger. Some people completely ignore this feature and never use it, but some (like myself) use it non-stop. 3D Touch is still alive and well in iOS 11, although it’s missing one key ability…

Previously, you could 3D Touch on the farthest left part of the display and swipe right to quickly access multitasking. If you moved your finger all the way to the far right of the display it would skip multitasking altogether and jump straight into your previously opened application. This was so incredibly simple and yet ingenious at the same time. The alternative method is to double click on the home button and select your previously used app from the multitasking menu. It’s not slow by any means but it doesn’t have the same elegance of using the 3D Touch method. This ability is something that I’ve tried to perform several times since installing iOS 11, every time being disappointed when I recall it was removed.

The iPhone X has the same ability just implemented in a different way not using 3D Touch. So why remove the equivalent feature from previous iPhones? I’m not sure. All I do know is that it’s gone, and that upsets me. Even if the feature isn’t available on all iPhones, it seems silly to take it away.

iOS 11 gets a 9 out of 10 from me

All in all, that’s my only real complaint with iOS 11. Yes, there are bugs – and lots of them. My iPhone completely froze up yesterday when I sent an iMessage which was frustrating. Phone calls also completely stopped working at one point (I had to restart my iPhone to return that functionality). So yeah, iOS 11 briefly prevented my phone from being able to make phone calls… kind of funny really. I don’t mind the bugs too much as I know that they’ll be ironed out soon enough.

I don’t mind the bugs too much as I know that they’ll be ironed out soon enough. Removing a feature that was genuinely useful, however… well, I’ll probably get over it.