Windows 10’s design is finally catching up to Mac OS

Fluent Design

Windows 10 is an excellent operating system, there’s simply no disputing that. It’s quick, powerful and offers an incredible array of functions and features. But it’s not perfect. Its design, albeit not bad by any means, looks too industrial and dull.

Take Mac OS, for example, it’s pretty, clean, modern and yet functional all at the same time. This is thanks to the Yosemite update that Mac OS got a couple of years ago. It did away with the glossy, shiny aesthetic, and replaced it will a beautiful, flat design.

Windows 10 is now following suit, with Fluent Design.

Fluent design is Microsoft’s latest Windows design language, replacing the current Metro design. The Metro Design was far from ugly, in fact, I actually rather liked it. It was a huge leap forward from the aging Aero design which ended with Windows 7. The biggest problem with the Metro Design, however, was its lack of depth or animations. Both of which are key to making Mac OS so beautiful to look at.

Windows has always been substance over style. A utilitarian design that’s stuffed with features has been common with Windows for years. In contrast, Mac OS has always had a beautifully elegant design which makes using the OS more fun and enjoyable.

However, soon this all changes. Fluent Design will start being implemented with the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update release tomorrow.

So what does Fluent design change?

One of the biggest changes is the introduction of translucency across the whole OS. It’s similar to what Apple introduced in iOS 7. It adds a layer of depth and helps make the whole OS feel alive and more welcoming. You’ve got to see it in action to really appreciate why it’s such a great addition.

There’s also a whole bunch of new animations dotted around Windows 10 now. Simple things such as hovering over a button or scrolling down have gotten their own intuitive animations. This alone makes the OS feel so much more fun to use and adds a bit of character to Windows 10.

The whole responsiveness of Windows 10 has been improved upon, with Fluent design. It gives Windows 10 a sense of youthfulness, something that it’s never had before. It removes the business vibes that most people felt when using Windows 10, and replaces them with something that’s both fun and yet still just as functional. I personally cannot wait for Fluent Design to maks its way onto my PC!