Doom Nintendo Switch Edition coming this winter, but won’t have SnapMap Level Editor

Doom Nintendo Switch

Doom Nintendo Switch Edition is coming this winter, and that’s awesome! It’s great to see third-party developers really embracing the Nintendo switch’s capabilities. Now before you get too excited there are a few caveats that are worth noting, but none that make this any less exciting.

I’m sure that it pretty much goes without saying that the graphics won’t be on the same level as those found on the Xbox One and PS4 versions of the game. The Switch simply is powerful enough. However, that doesn’t mean that the graphics will be poor by any means. Take a look at this graphics comparison below that Cycu1 made and uploaded to YouTube.

As you can see there is definitely a clear difference in graphics quality between Doom on the Nintendo Switch and on the PS4.

However, take this comparison with a pinch of salt. The Nintendo Switch Doom footage is from the Nintendo direct live stream which will degrade the quality. The final product will almost certainly look better than what you see in this comparison.

The main differences in graphics you’ll see on Doom Nintendo Switch edition are lower quality textures and less lighting effects. As of yet, we’re not sure what kind of fps we’ll see, hopefully, we may get 60fps but at a lower 720p resolution. Doom is a game where a higher fps is important. A lower resolution for a higher fps is a fair tradeoff for Doom Nintendo Switch edition in my opinion.

Doom Nintendo Switch edition won’t include SnapMap level Editor

One feature that will be missing on Doom Nintendo Switch edition is the SnapMap level editor. This allowed players to create and share their own levels, missions, and challenges. It was one of Doom’s best features, so it’s a shame that it’s not making it onto the Switch edition.

Doom for the Nintendo Switch also won’t come with Multiplayer as part of the main game, however, this will be available as a free separate download off of the Nintendo Switch eShop. This can be seen as a pro for some players as it means that if you don’t want to play the multiplayer, it’s not wasting precious space on your Nintendo Switch. Especially when you consider that this game is going to take up a lot of your storage already.

All Doom DLC is free on the Nintendo Switch

It does, however, include the main campaign along with all of the DLC as well for free.

Doom Nintendo Switch edition is certainly one of the most exciting Nintendo Switch releases yet. It’s sometimes easy to forget that the Nintendo Switch is also a portable console as well as being one for the living room. The fact that you can now take Doom with you wherever you go (without needing to lug around a heavy gaming laptop) really excites me and should excite you too!

Doom will be available on the Nintendo Switch later this year in time for Christmas.