A Red OnePlus 3 Looks Awesome!

Earlier this year, Chinese smartphone manufacture, OnePlus, released the OnePlus 3. This was a sequel to last years OnePlus 2. If you’re not familiar with OnePlus, then I wouldn’t be hugely surprised; they released their first smartphone (the OnePlus 1) only a couple of years ago. The reason OnePlus have become such a large name in the smartphone industry is  because of their incredible price to performance ratio – and their excellent advertising which helps them to build up huge amounts of ‘hype’ for each device they release. The OnePlus 3 has top of the line specifications, but costs half the price of a lot of other flagship smartphones.

If you’re one of the many who have purchased or pre-ordered a OnePlus 3, then you may be disappointed. New leaks released earlier today show that a red version of the device will be coming out in the near future. And at least in my opinion, the black and red combo looks insane!

Red isn’t your average smartphone colour, most smartphones tend to come out in black, silver, white or gold nowadays. However, the LG Nexus 5, HTC One m7 and Samsung Galaxy S4 all had red variants. It will be refreshing to see a new 2016 smartphone released in red, instead Pink or ‘Rose Gold’.

Source: Twitter via PocketNow

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