The 2019 Dell XPS 13 finally puts the webcam where it belongs

2019 Dell XPS 13
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We can all agree that laptops with minimal display bezels look way better than those with thick bezels. For the most part, thinner bezels equal a smaller design, therefore attaining a lighter and more portable device. So what’s not to like? For the last few iterations of the Dell XPS 13, Dell decided to put the webcam below the display. This was in order to make the bezel above the display as thin as possible.

This certainly made for a beautiful design, however, placing the webcam below the screen meant that any person on the end of a video call would see straight up your nostrils. A below the chin view doesn’t tend to be the most flattering either.

However, this all changes with the 2019 Dell XPS 13 (9380) which was recently announced at CES 2019. The webcam has now been positioned above the display once again, finally! In order to compensate for the size of the (albeit now much smaller) webcam, the top display bezel has been made slightly thicker. This likely won’t bother most consumers – if any. Although, one feature that has been removed as a consequence, is Windows hello.

The absence of Windows Hello means that you won’t be able to sign in with just your face. Then again, the 2019 Dell XPS 13 does have a fingerprint reader which is a more than acceptable alternative.

What else is new with the 2019 Dell XPS 13?

Besides from the correctly positioned webcam, there are a few other noteworthy updates. The processor inside will now be of the Intel 8th Gen Whisky Lake variety. You’ll have the option of choosing between an i3, i5 or i7 version depending on your workload. This will be coupled with 4GB of RAM for the base model, with the option to upgrade to a maximum of 16GB.

Improved thermals as well mean that battery life should see an improvement. In fact, Dell claims up to 21 hours on a single charge, though do take that with a pinch of salt. On top of that, there’s now an all-white version and an improved hinge making it easier to open with one hand.

Overall, this may be an iterative upgrade, but it’s one that certainly brings some welcome changes.

The 2019 Dell XPS 13 is already on sale and starts at $900.


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